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Chris Bell
Looking Forward: The Roots Of Big Star

Chris Bell - Looking Forward: The Roots Of Big Star

This 22-track collection is the first of its kind to chronicle music made by and with Bell before Big Star’s iconic #1 Record, from bands with imaginative names like Rock City, Christmas Future, Icewater, The Wallabys, and more. It examines Bell’s progress as a writer, performer, and engineer leading up to Big Star in which the sounds and roots of Big Star are completely evident. Featuring six previously unissued tracks, Looking Forward’s packaging also contains photos and liners from Grammy-nominated writer (and set producer) Alec Palao, as well as quotes from Bell’s bandmates (Jody Stephens, Terry Manning, Tom Eubanks, Steve Rhea) and collaborators (Alan Palmore, Ardent Studio’s John Fry).

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"Think It’s Time To Say Goodbye"


  1. 1. Think It’s Time To Say Goodbye
  2. 2. All I See Is You
  3. 3. My Life Is Right
  4. 4. Feeling High
  5. 5. Looking Forward
  6. 6. The Wind Will Cry For Me
  7. 7. Psychedelic Stuff
  8. 8. The Reason*
  9. 9. I Lost A Love
  10. 10. A Chance To Live*
  11. 11. The Answer
  12. 12. Lovely Lady
  13. 13. Sunshine
  14. 14. Introduction
  15. 15. Sunday Organ
  16. 16. The Preacher
  17. 17. Shine On Me
  18. 18. Try Again (Movie Mix, 2012)
  19. 19. Germany (Backing Track)*
  20. 20. Oh My Soul (Backing Track)*
  21. 21. All I See Is You (Alternate Backing Track)*
  22. 22. Feeling High (Alternate Backing Track)*
  23. *Previously Unissued

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