New Releases For August 17, 2010

Modern Rituals

Chief - Modern Rituals

In 2008 the members of Chief finished school, left New York City and returned home to the west coast with their suitcases stuffed full of soaring melodies, shimmering guitars, lovelorn lyrics and heart-stopping harmonies. Their debut album, Modern Rituals, is as rich and expansive as it is personal and intricate. This is a record so teeming with joyful desperation that you'll want to hold onto it with all your might. Modern Rituals is not only a radiant, cohesive and effortlessly captivating introduction to a formidable new band, it's a contender for most contagious album of the year.

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"Night & Day"


  1. 1. The Minute I Saw It
  2. 2. Nothing's Wrong
  3. 3. Wait For Your
  4. 4. The Land
  5. 5. Breaking Walls
  6. 6. In The Valley
  7. 7. Stealing
  8. 8. You Tell Me
  9. 9. Summer's Day
  10. 10. Irish Song
  11. 11. Night & Day