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Chicha Libre

Chicha Libre - Canibalismo

Chicha Libre devours tropical sounds, backroom beats, and analog funk on Canibalismo, an expression of the edgy craving that is fueling their pop rethink around South America. Sonic cannibalism is the easiest way to understand the cultural forces that led them from Brooklyn to rural Peru, to club stages all over South America. Taking cues from Peruvian chicha, a style that put surf guitar, rainforest psychedelics, and Andean flavor to a cumbia beat with open-minded exuberance, they have learned from and teamed up with the unsung geniuses of the music - such as Ranil and Los Shapis, both featured on the Cumbia VA release Roots of Chicha (also on Barbes Records).

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 8, 2012 ON Barbes

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"The Ride Of The Valkyries"


  1. 1. La Plata (En Mi Carrito De Lata)
  2. 2. Danza Del Millonario
  3. 3. El Carnicero De Chicago
  4. 4. Muchachita Del Oriente
  5. 5. Depresión Tropical
  6. 6. Juaneco En El Cielo
  7. 7. Intermission
  8. 8. L'Age d'Or
  9. 9. Papageno Eléctrico
  10. 10. Number 17
  11. 11. Lupita En La Selva Y El Doctor
  12. 12. The Ride Of The Valkyries
  13. 13. La Danza De Don Lucho
  14. 14. Once Tejones