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Cherryholmes IV: Common Threads

Cherryholmes - Cherryholmes IV: Common Threads

Cherryholmes impresses with a sound all their own in Cherryholmes IV: Common Threads. In their fourth project for Skaggs Family Records, the family's harmonic blend is kept intact, while new influential styles and flavors are explored throughout this album in their aggressive instrumental style that is incomparably Cherryholmes. Leading with Cia's plaintive, crystalline soprano on the opening track, 'When It's Not With Me Everyday,' melodious vocals complement the complex, building layers of guitar, banjo and fiddle. The focus track, 'Live It,' an earthy, heartening story sung by Molly features banjo, guitar and mandolin step outs, mixed with tranquil harmonies.

TAGS: Bluegrass

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"How Far Will You Go"


  1. 1. It's Not With Me Everyday
  2. 2. Live It
  3. 3. Idle Minds
  4. 4. Changed In A Moment
  5. 5. The Harder I Fall
  6. 6. It's Your Love
  7. 7. Standing
  8. 8. How Far Will You Go
  9. 9. Making Pretend
  10. 10. Weaver Of Lies
  11. 11. I Am Your Conscience
  12. 12. Just You
  13. 13. Tattoo Of A Smudge