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Chatham County Line
Wildwood (Remastered)

Chatham County Line - Wildwood (Remastered)

Wildwood is without question one of Chatham County Line's most beloved records. PopMatters called it “...accomplished and entirely delightful” while American Songwriter suggested that you “put Chatham County Line on your playlist, pronto.” Now, 10 years after its release, the album has been digitally remastered. Incredible song craftsmanship and superb musicianship ensure that this album remains a timeless classic now and for years to come.

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"Crop Comes In"


  1. 1. Wildwood
  2. 2. Alone In New York
  3. 3. Saturdays & Sundays
  4. 4. Crop Comes In
  5. 5. Porcelain Doll
  6. 6. Out Of The Running
  7. 7. Heart Attack
  8. 8. Ghost Of Woody Guthrie
  9. 9. Honeymoon
  10. 10. Ringing In My Ears
  11. 11. Blue Jay Way
  12. 12. End Of The Line

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 29
    Greer, SC, US Chatham County Line at The Spinning Jenny
  • Oct 30
    Winston-Salem, NC, US Chatham County Line at Willingham Theater, Yadkin Arts Council
  • Nov 06
    Moab, UT, US Moab Folk Festival 2021
  • Nov 26
    Atlanta, GA, US Chatham County Line at Center Stage Theater
  • Nov 27
    Charlotte, NC, US Chatham County Line at Neighborhood Theatre
  • Dec 11
    Roanoke, VA, US Chatham County Line at 5 Points Music Sanctuary
  • Apr 22
    Portland, ME, US Judy Collins and Chatham County Line at State Theatre
  • May 22
    Breda, Netherlands Chatham County Line at Mezz Kleine zaal
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