New Releases For September 23, 2014

Charm City Devils

Charm City Devils - Battles

Charm City Devils' album Battles promises to delight fans with the return of Grammy-winning producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Egypt Central, 12 Stones), who also spearheaded production duties for the group's 2012 sophomore release, Sins.

The new single 'Shots' has been making an impression at radio outlets like SIRIUS XM Octane, Music Choice, WIYY, WIIL, KTUX, WDHA, WJML, KOZE, KHTQ, WZBH, KGRR and many more. In preparation for the release, fans can expect to see the band returning to the road this fall after their recent tour with Slash and the Winery Dogs.


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  1. 1. Tear It Apart
  2. 2. Crucify
  3. 3. Shots
  4. 4. Everyday
  5. 5. Want
  6. 6. God's Gonna Cut You Down
  7. 7. Lying To Yourself
  8. 8. Rich N Famous
  9. 9. Destiny
  10. 10. Karma
  11. 11. Let It Go

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