New Releases For November 11, 2013

Charlie Simpson
Young Pilgrim

Charlie Simpson - Young Pilgrim

Rare are the opportunities helping to establish a fan base in the United States for an artist that is so established in the UK. As the leader of the successful boy band called Busted, it was a shock to many when he quit and joined an alt band Fightstar. Though this group attained commercial success Charlie again decided to reinvent himself as a solo artist. This re-invention has not gone unnoticed; debuting on the UK album charts at #6, selling 75,000 units to date, seven videos that have garnered over 2.7 million YouTube views, 75,000 Twitter followers and 40,000 Facebook likes.

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"Down, Down, Down"


  1. 1. Down, Down, Down
  2. 2. Parachutes
  3. 3. All At Once
  4. 4. Thorns
  5. 5. Cemetery
  6. 6. Hold On
  7. 7. I Need A Friend Tonight
  8. 8. Suburbs
  9. 9. Sundown
  10. 10. Farmer & His Gun
  11. 11. If I Lose It
  12. 12. Riverbanks