New Releases For May 12, 2015

Future Former Self

CHAPPO - Future Former Self

CHAPPO was born in New York’s East Village in 2009. In their sophomore album, Future Former Self, they explore the abstract nature of time and the experience it has on the perception of reality. Entertainment Weekly boasts “The lead single ‘Hang On’ sets country-ish slide guitars adrift in a synthesizer nebula and blasts the whole thing apart with a sweeping chorus that should blow minds live." With their captivating live show, sync worthy tunes (iPod, Verizon, Sears, and Macy’s to name a few), and non-stop energy, CHAPPO have created an enthusiastic and rambunctious following.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 12, 2015 ON Votiv

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"Hang On"


  1. 1. Hello
  2. 2. Hang On
  3. 3. I’m Not Ready
  4. 4. I Don’t Need The Sun
  5. 5. Run Me Into The Ground
  6. 6. Mad Magic
  7. 7. Hey-O
  8. 8. Something’s Ringing
  9. 9. Orange Afternoon
  10. 10. Ghetto Weekend