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New Gods

Cauldron - New Gods

Born from the ashes of genre-defining, critically-lauded Goat Horn, the band known for being heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Venom, and Judas Priest. When the band called it a day in 2006, front man Jason Decay wasted no time in putting together Cauldron to continue with his heavy metal vision. For the new album, the trio returned to producer Chris Stringer at Union Sound in Toronto. Entitled New Gods, Cauldron’s fifth full-length studio record once again promises a strong emphasis on songwriting and melody, complete with high-end organic production to match.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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"Letting Go"


  1. 1. Prisoner Of The Past
  2. 2. Letting Go
  3. 3. No Longer
  4. 4. Save The Truth/Syracuse
  5. 5. Never Be Found
  6. 6. Drown
  7. 7. Together As None
  8. 8. Isolation
  9. 9. Last Request

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 28
    New Cross, UK Upsurge Festival 2021
  • Aug 28
    New Cross, UK Upsurge Festival 2021
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