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Cathy Jordan
All The Way Home

Cathy Jordan - All The Way Home

Cathy Jordan is known in Ireland and Celtic music circles worldwide as the lead singer in the group Dervish. All The Way Home, her first solo album, is an arresting departure from her past work, with two new songs and a re-shaping of several traditional songs that Cathy grew up with.

Produced in Sweden by acclaimed producer, multi-instrumentalist Roger Tallroth, it features many of the most notable names in the folk and Celtic music world. The result is a superb, groundbreaking album that immediately draws you in and captivates you until the last beautiful note.

TAGS: Celtic | Folk

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"The Bold Fenian Men"


  1. 1. The Bold Fenian Men
  2. 2. Eileen McMahon
  3. 3. The Road I Go
  4. 4. The River Field Waltz
  5. 5. In Curraghroe
  6. 6. Sliabh Gallion Braes
  7. 7. The Banks Of The Foyle
  8. 8. The Jordan Jig
  9. 9. Ould Ballymoe
  10. 10. The Lark In The Clear Air
  11. 11. All The Way Home