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More Music More Family

Cas Haley - More Music More Family

Recorded over a month at Steelgrass Farm in Kauai, Hawaii, More Music More Family was co-produced and co-written by Andrew Terrett, aka Tubby Love. Its tracks address the universality of life lessons with positivity and uplifting melodies. The album borrows the best of Haley’s previous efforts, drawing on influences of reggae, soul, blues and rock. It captures an organic, live-record feeling with high-quality sound. Featured artists on the album include Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Freewill (Luminaries) and Drew Misik (New Reb).

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"More Music More Family (Featuring Mike Love)"


  1. 1. More Music More Family (Featuring Mike Love)
  2. 2. Whole (Featuring Tubby Love)
  3. 3. Before It’s Too Late
  4. 4. Hold Me
  5. 5. Man Inside
  6. 6. Will You Be Ready
  7. 7. Hold Up My Heart (Featuring Trevor Hall)
  8. 8. I Got You
  9. 9. Big Hope
  10. 10. Ryan’s Prayer
  11. 11. We Learn
  12. 12. Set Forth Into Motion

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 02
    Hampton Beach, NH, US Trevor Hall with Cas Haley at Bernie's Beach Bar
  • Aug 04
    Virginia Beach, VA, US Trevor Hall with Cas Haley at Unknown venue
  • Aug 06
    Wilmington, NC, US Trevor Hall with Cas Haley at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater
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