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Cas Haley
La Si Dah

Cas Haley - La Si Dah

La Si Dah was produced by Cas Haley himself, in consultation with Grammy-winner Rob Fraboni (Bob Dylan, Keith Richards), who mixed the record. The recordings were financed by crowd-sourcing from fans, working with PledgeMusic. The sessions featured single takes, no separation to get a very authentic sound.

'La Si Dah is a music lover's album. While mixing genres is more art than science, Haley proves it can be done and delivers again.' - The Pier

'A well plotted and planned set that brings the party and lets you provide the rum. A delightfully crazy ride...' - Midwest Record

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"La Dah"


  1. 1. Jackson
  2. 2. La Dah
  3. 3. Mama
  4. 4. Wait For Me
  5. 5. Crazy Good Woman
  6. 6. Capricorn
  7. 7. Let Her Go
  8. 8. I've Got My Mojo Working
  9. 9. Trash Day
  10. 10. Slow Down
  11. 11. How Soon Is Now?
  12. 12. Tally Tally
  13. 13. Start This Over

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