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Cas Haley

Cas Haley - Connection

After his debut sold 30,000 copies without distribution or marketing, Cas Haley retreated to his home in Paris, Texas, to create a timeless album of reggae-pop songs filled with chill grooves and irresistible melodies. This fall, Cas is touring with Easy Star All-Stars and Trevor Hall. He has appeared on numerous morning TV shows and has been covered by American Songwriter, LA Daily News, New York Post and others. He was runner up on America's Got Talent in 2007, building a strong following, but has not let that experience define him. The first single, 'Better,' has been steadily building at radio.

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  1. 1. Release Me (The Fear)
  2. 2. Better
  3. 3. Take A Chance
  4. 4. Will I Find
  5. 5. No One
  6. 6. Let It Out
  7. 7. Time And Truth
  8. 8. Counting Stars
  9. 9. I'm Free
  10. 10. Here I Come
  11. 11. Everyday
  12. 12. Connection
  13. 13. Better (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix)

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