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Where Death Lies

Carnation - Where Death Lies

Belgian death-dealers Carnation return with the ripping new full-length album Where Death Lies. Their aural violence, steeped in the influence of the halcyon days of early Scandinavian death metal, is strong and direct and delivered with modern, neck-snapping ferocity. With Where Death Lies, Carnation have perfected the iron discipline of brutal death metal.

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"Sepulcher Of Alteration"


  1. 1. Iron Discipline
  2. 2. Sepulcher Of Alteration
  3. 3. Where Death Lies
  4. 4. Spirit Excision
  5. 5. Napalm Ascension
  6. 6. Serpent's Breath
  7. 7. Malformed Regrowth
  8. 8. Reincarnation
  9. 9. In Chasms Abysmal

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 12
    Schlotheim, Germany PartySan Open Air 2021
  • Aug 27
    Enschede, Netherlands Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench and Carnation at Metropool
  • Sep 18
    Leiden, Netherlands Metal Experience Fest 2021
  • Jan 14
    Bomal, Belgium Damned Soul Fest IV 2022
  • Jun 23
    Clisson, France Hellfest Extended 2022
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