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Carnal Forge
Gun To Mouth Salvation

Carnal Forge - Gun To Mouth Salvation

The most hard-hitting Swedish thrash metal band ever Carnal Forge is back with their first album in 11 years. Gun To Mouth Salvation is their first album since 2007’s monster release, Testify For My Victims. The Swedish thrash quintet was formed by guitarist Jari Kuusisto in 1997 in Sala, Sweden. Since then the band has released seven full length albums and one live DVD, and has toured in Europe, the United States, and Japan with acts like Testament, Exodus, Halford, Nile, Amon Amarth, the Haunted, Immortal, Primal Fear, and Pro-Pain.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock | Thrash

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  1. 1. Parasites
  2. 2. Reforged
  3. 3. Aftermath
  4. 4. Endless War
  5. 5. Bound In Flames
  6. 6. King Chaos
  7. 7. The Order
  8. 8. Hellride
  9. 9. State Of Pain
  10. 10. Sin Feast Paradise
  11. 11. The Stench