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Disappearing In Airports

Candlebox - Disappearing In Airports

Candlebox is one of the most influential multi-platinum rock bands to come out of the alternative rock music movement. Known for introspective, poetically candid songs that stood out among the music scene, the band’s “Far Behind” and “You” singles are still two of the most played recurrent songs on Rock and Alternative radio. Their new single “Vexatious” proves to be next in line with its infectious and "true to its roots" Candlebox signature sound. Their five previous full length releases remain favorites amongst the band's rabid fan base with their new sixth album, Disappearing In Airports being eagerly anticipated.

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  1. 1. Only Because Of You
  2. 2. Vexatious
  3. 3. Supernova
  4. 4. Alive At Last
  5. 5. I’ve Got A Gun
  6. 6. I Want It Back
  7. 7. The Bridge
  8. 8. Spotlights
  9. 9. Crazy
  10. 10. God’s Gift
  11. 11. Keep On Waiting

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 16
    Kansas City, MO, US Candlebox at Ameristar Hotel & Casino
  • Aug 05
    Fort Madison, IA, US Riverfest 2021
  • Nov 05
    Seattle, WA, US Candlebox at The Crocodile - Old Location
  • Nov 06
    Seattle, WA, US Candlebox and Walking Papers at Paramount Theatre
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