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The Thread That Keeps Us

Calexico - The Thread That Keeps Us

Over the past two decades, a strong sense of place has shaped the music of Calexico, infusing their albums with a stylistic unpredictability and richness of texture. While 2015’s Edge Of The Sun brought the Tucson-bred band to the Mexico City borough of Coyoacán, their new full-length The Thread That Keeps Us mostly came to life in a house studio near the Northern California coast nicknamed “The Phan- tom Ship” by Calexico vocalist/guitarist Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino.

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"Under The Wheels"


  1. 1. End Of The World With You
  2. 2. Voices In The Field
  3. 3. Bridge To Nowhere
  4. 4. Spinball
  5. 5. Under The Wheels
  6. 6. The Town & Miss Lorraine
  7. 7. Flores Y Tamales
  8. 8. Another Space
  9. 9. Unconditional Waltz
  10. 10. Girl In The Forest
  11. 11. Eyes Wide Awake
  12. 12. Dead In The Water
  13. 13. Shortboard
  14. 14. Thrown To The Wild
  15. 15. Music Box

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 22
    Boise, ID, US Treefort Music Festival 2021
  • Sep 25
    Tucson, AZ, US Calexico at Rialto Theatre
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