New Releases For April 21, 2017

Cait Brennan

Cait Brennan - Third

When Cait Brennan released her debut, Debutante, even she didn’t expect it to land on so many “Best Of 2016” lists. Not because Debutante wasn’t fantastic - but, because it was self-released and a total word of mouth phenomenon. Working with engineer Adam Hill (Associate Producer of last year’s Big Star Complete Third set), Cait wrote and recorded nearly all of songs in just three days. Once again, she and Fernando handled all the vocals and instrumentation, aside for two guest appearances - Memphis power pop legend Van Duren and Continental Drifter Robert Maché.

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"Benedict Cumberbatch"


  1. 1. Bad At Apologies
  2. 2. Stack Overflow
  3. 3. He Knows Too Much
  4. 4. At The End Of The World
  5. 5. A Hard Man To Love
  6. 6. Caitiebots Don’t Cry
  7. 7. Benedict Cumberbatch
  8. 8. Shake Away
  9. 9. The Angels Lie
  10. 10. Collapse
  11. 11. LA/Amsterdam
  12. 12. Perish The Thought
  13. 13. Goodbye Missamerica