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Stay Out Late

Buxton - Stay Out Late

"Stay Out Late is ultimately the end result of understanding who we are, and more importantly, who we are not. This will be our 15th year as a band, and our 5th record overall. In the years preceding the making of this record, we all had to define what it meant for us to be happy making music. There are certain mechanisms and tropes we all fall into as a result. And as hard as we may try to emulate what we consider to be higher art, or rather, classic music; we always end up with a Buxton record." - Chris Wise, Buxton

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  1. 1. This Place Reminds Me Of You
  2. 2. Jan
  3. 3. Blood Runs Blue
  4. 4. Haunt You
  5. 5. Hanging On The Coast
  6. 6. Inside Out
  7. 7. Miles And Miles
  8. 8. New World
  9. 9. Made For Now
  10. 10. Hole Heart
  11. 11. Green Of Endless Pines

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