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Nothing Here Seems Strange

Buxton - Nothing Here Seems Strange

Buxton, folk-rockers from Houston, TX, are excited to present their New West Records debut album Nothing Here Seems Strange.

Buxton's fusion of lovely harmonies, jarring explosions of energy and meticulously applied instrumentation is led by Sergio Trevino on vocals/guitar with Jason Willis on lead guitar/mandolin, Chris Wise on bass guitar, Justin Terrell on drums and Austin Sepulvado on guitar/vocals. Hayley Barnes often joins the group on keyboard and harmony vocals.

The band, with two self-released albums, is already garnering critical praise with the Houston Press declaring 'Simply put, these guys are getting ridiculously good.'

A limited edition 7-inch is currently available featuring the album's first single 'Boy of Nine.' Having already toured through the east coast, Texas, and California, Buxton are hitting the road again upon the release of Nothing Here Seems Strange.

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"Boy Of Nine"


  1. 1. Wolves And Owls
  2. 2. Fingertips
  3. 3. Blown A Fuse
  4. 4. Broke From Bread
  5. 5. Riverbed
  6. 6. Boy Of Nine
  7. 7. Down In The Valley
  8. 8. Lynchburg Ferry
  9. 9. Oh My Boy
  10. 10. Body Count

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