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Butcher Babies
Take It Like A Man

Butcher Babies - Take It Like A Man

Whether you’re a man or a woman, chances are you’ve heard the phrases “man up,” “be a man,” or “take it like a man” at one time or another. Butcher Babies took that old school goading and transformed it into the inspiration at the core of their second album. Their 2013 debut, Goliath (#3 Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart), introduced the Butcher Babies to the world, Take It Like A Man will spread the debauchery further as the Butcher Babies continue their quest to tour more, work harder and inspire more fans than they ever dreamed possible.

On tour with with Gwar – August and September.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Never Go Back"


  1. 1. Monsters Ball
  2. 2. Igniter
  3. 3. The Cleansing
  4. 4. The Butcher
  5. 5. Gravemaker
  6. 6. Thrown Away
  7. 7. Never Go Back
  8. 8. Marquee
  9. 9. Blood Soaked Hero
  10. 10. Dead Man Walking
  11. 11. For The Fight
  12. 12. Blonde Girls All Look The Same

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 03
    Birmingham, AL, US All That Remains and Butcher Babies at Zydeco
  • Jun 11
    Leeuwarden, Netherlands Into the Grave, Paradise Lost, Clutch, Orange Goblin, and 5 more… at Oldehoofsterkerkhof
  • Aug 10
    Jaroměř, Czech Republic Brutal Assault 2021
  • Aug 11
    Walton-on-trent, UK Bloodstock Open Air 2021
  • Aug 12
    Kortrijk, Belgium Alcatraz Metal Festival 2021
  • Oct 07
    Sacramento, CA, US Monster Energy Aftershock 2021
  • Apr 21
    Denver, CO, US Hellyeah, All That Remains, Butcher Babies, Saul, and 1 more… at Summit Music Hall
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