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Burning Spear
Our Music (CD/DVD)

Burning Spear - Our Music (CD/DVD)

Grammy Award-winning reggae pioneer Burning Spear is a certifiable legend, celebrating more than 37 years in the music business and showing no sign of slowing down. Burning Spear launched and reshaped the face of reggae music and established himself as a powerful international artist and businessman by winning a Grammy Award for his 2008 album Jah Is Real.

The re-release of Our Music, which was nominated for a 2005 Grammy for best reggae album, is a CD/DVD with bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes footage.

Our Music includes Burning Spear's first-ever dance single, 'Never' a turbo-charge dance floor filler by superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold.

TAGS: Reggae | Reissue

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"Never (Paul Oakenfold Remix)"


  1. 1. Our Music
  2. 2. Try Again
  3. 3. Down In Jamaica
  4. 4. Together (Ext. Mix)
  5. 5. Friends
  6. 6. O Rastaman (Ext. Mix)
  7. 7. Fix Me
  8. 8. Walk
  9. 9. One Marcus
  10. 10. My Duty
  11. 11. Little Garvey (Ext. Mix)
  12. 12. Never (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  13. 13. O Rastaman Dub
  14. 14. First Lady Dub