New Releases For September 23, 2014

Burke Long
Silver Queen

Burke Long - Silver Queen

Burke Long's new record showcases his strong southern vocals and roots guitar playing. Production leans towards a vintage sound, showing a love of classic pop as well as roots rock and classic country.

'This infectious record has the homemade feel of Mom's Sunday dinner. North Carolina boy Burke Long evokes writing models like Rodney Crowell and Gene Clark for the almost California country of 'About Love,' which features pedal steel from a very able John Macy. But Long's country rock strain is more Marshall Crenshaw or Richie Furay era Poco, gutsier, than flower power or Dead.' - Rick Allen, Vintage Guitar


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"About Love"


  1. 1. Silver Queen
  2. 2. About Love
  3. 3. Montgomery County
  4. 4. Big Ol Town
  5. 5. Down In The Country
  6. 6. A Ways To Go
  7. 7. She's Got A Way
  8. 8. Old Music Man
  9. 9. I Got Your Number
  10. 10. One Damned Thing After Another
  11. 11. Freedom
  12. 12. Downtown
  13. 13. Almost Free