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Buffy MacNeil
Somebody Pray (Digital Single)

Buffy MacNeil - Somebody Pray (Digital Single)

This single is part of the Somebody Pray Project began in January 2021 when Canadian artist/singer and educator Buffy MacNeil envisioned the ways she could support the health and well-being of Indigenous youth in Canada. The lyrics to “Somebody Pray” came pouring out as she reflected on the many people in her life who have been affected personally by the Indian residential schools. The purpose of the Somebody Pray Project is to support the creation of a youth care and advocacy center in the community of the Paq'tnkek Mi’kmaw Nation.

For more information, please visit Somebody Pray Project

If you’d like to help, please visit: Go Fund Me: Voices For The Silenced Of Residential Schools

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"Somebody Pray"


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