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Buffy & Larry

Buffy & Larry - Surrounded

Buffy & Larry are a strong musical duo who write and perform in a way that immediately transports you to a peaceful place. Their musical styling is influenced by Bluegrass and Celtic roots and together they have created a country sound to be embraced by all.

Award-winning guitar player and songwriter Larry Boutilier met his musical alter-ego in singer Buffy MacNeil. Unique and heartwarming performances take their audience on a reflective journey.

After several years in Northern Canada growing their family and nurturing their musical direction, the time has come for everyone to experience the magic of Buffy & Larry.

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"Merry Go 'Round"


  1. 1. Merry Go 'Round
  2. 2. Someday Soon
  3. 3. Stars On The Cowboy Boots
  4. 4. Cumberland Sound
  5. 5. Down By The Sally Garden
  6. 6. Surrounded
  7. 7. Forever Will Never Be
  8. 8. Fiddle On The Wall
  9. 9. The Day It Rained
  10. 10. Isaiah's Prayer