New Releases For May 27, 2014

Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis
Our Year

Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis - Our Year

If Austin's happily egalitarian music scene suddenly switched to a monarchy, Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison might have to learn to perform while balancing hefty crowns. The two already reign as one of Americana music's coolest couples, and their latest release, Our Year, elevates them closer to the lofty territory once occupied by beloved royals Johnny 'n' June and George 'n' Tammy. Not that they would ever seek royal treatment, of course. They're Texans, after all. Robison is a Bandera boy; Oklahoma-born Willis an Army brat, got here as soon as she could.

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"Motor City Man"


  1. 1. Departing Louisiana
  2. 2. Motor City Man
  3. 3. Carousel
  4. 4. Lonely For You
  5. 5. A Hanging On
  6. 6. Shake Yourself Loose
  7. 7. Harper Valley PTA
  8. 8. Anywhere But Here
  9. 9. I'll Go To My Grave Loving You
  10. 10. This Will Be Our Year