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Brooke White

Brooke White - Calico

Rolling Stone featured Brooke's single "Calico" on their "10 Best Country and Americana Songs To Hear Now" and wrote - "More than a decade after covering Carole King and Carly Simon on American Idol’s seventh season, Brooke White offers up her own version of California country with Calico. It’s a blend of Nashville’s neon-lit twang and Laurel Canyon’s warm folk-pop." Off the stage, Brooke has starred as lead rolls in two TV movies: Change Of Plans, that aired on FOX, and Banner 4th Of July, for the Hallmark Channel. She co-created The Girls With Glasses, a stylish and quirky YouTube show and lifestyle blog.

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  1. 1. Calico
  2. 2. Honey
  3. 3. Boots
  4. 4. Pioneer
  5. 5. Into The Trees
  6. 6. Weigh Me Down
  7. 7. Back Pocket
  8. 8. The Night We Met
  9. 9. Disco Moon
  10. 10. Be Good
  11. 11. YOU
  12. 12. Movies
  13. 13. Livin' On A Prayer