New Releases For September 16, 2014

Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

BRONCHO - Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

BRONCHO's Just Enough Hip To Be Woman moves into a sleeker and more new wave direction, while still bearing the hallmarks of their previous work - fuzzy, guitar driven rock that dips its toe into a variety of styles without ever succumbing to any of them.

'The Oklahoma trio BRONCHO plays bright, buzzing, preternaturally hooky retro garage rock... It's giddy, quirky stuff that also shares DNA with the Cars, the Strokes, Thin Lizzy and all kinds of other fun, forceful guitar music.' - Stereogum


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"Class Historian"


  1. 1. What
  2. 2. Class Historian
  3. 3. Deena
  4. 4. Stay Loose
  5. 5. NC-17
  6. 6. I'm Gonna Find Out Where He's At
  7. 7. Stop Tricking
  8. 8. Taj Mahal
  9. 9. It's On
  10. 10. Kurt
  11. 11. China

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