New Releases For June 10, 2016

Double Vanity

BRONCHO - Double Vanity

Double Vanity finds BRONCHO steadily moving ahead, transforming the raw angst of the first record into a sound decidedly more layered and complex. Riffing off the later explorations of punk, culling up refracted images of John Hughes prom nights, love songs echoing from a boom box held high. Strut with an “when ‘80s met ‘50s” swagger, discord transformed into a jagged, frenetic pop.

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"Fantasy Boys"


  1. 1. All Time
  2. 2. Fantasy Boys
  3. 3. I Know You
  4. 4. Jenny Loves Jenae
  5. 5. Highly Unintentional
  6. 6. Señora Borealis
  7. 7. New Karma
  8. 8. Speed Demon
  9. 9. Soak Up The Sun
  10. 10. Two Step
  11. 11. Wanna

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