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Brian Bromberg
A Little Driving Music

Brian Bromberg - A Little Driving Music

After nearly a year of being cooped up within the same four walls, it is only natural that one’s thoughts might turn to the freedom of the open road. That is certainly true of virtuoso jazz bassist and world-renowned producer Brian Bromberg, whose third pandemic-era release shrugs off the prevailing mood of COVID-era claustrophobia and political strife for A Little Driving Music, a fun, funky paean to cruising with the top down and leaving your troubles behind.

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"Walking On Sunshine (Featuring Dave Koz)"


  1. 1. Froggy’s
  2. 2. Quarantine
  3. 3. That Cool Groovy Beatnik Jazz
  4. 4. Bado Boy!
  5. 5. Walking On Sunshine (Featuring Dave Koz)
  6. 6. Sag 5 (As In Sagittarius)
  7. 7. A Rainy Day In Paris
  8. 8. A Little Driving Music
  9. 9. Peace
  10. 10. Jedediah’s Gold!
  11. 11. The Sitting Room
  12. 12. Baton Rouge
  13. 13. Lullaby For Bado

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