New Releases For March 15, 2011

Brandon Jarod
The Crush EP

Brandon Jarod - The Crush EP

Debut release from this self-taught musician. At just 24 years old, Brandon Jarod has established himself as a talented guitarist and lyricist who has been sought by producers from varied genres to assist in their projects. The Crush is an action-packed insightful collection of songs that will amaze you. Don't try to box him in any one genre - playing great music, what ever the genre is his goal. The Crush has something for any music lover, rock, alternative, hip-hop, and even a little country!

Brandon has played with 15 bands and opened for such artists as Jasmine Sullivan and Zapp.


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"Put It In A Love Song"


  1. 1. Falling Into Place
  2. 2. No Solution...
  3. 3. Luv 'em And Leave 'em
  4. 4. Put It In A Love Song
  5. 5. The Crush
  6. 6. Cream