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New Flame

Bowfire - New Flame

As always, Bowfire's new release, New Flame, is an ode to the apex of musicianship. Head-honcho Lenny Solomon leads this group of performers through this aurally-imaginative medium.

New Flame takes the listener through a range of emotions, painting pictures of sentimental landscapes from colder pensive longings to the more explosive frenzies of anticipation.

For those who are already fans, and for new fans alike, New Flame is both the familiar voice we've come to love and the new adventure went can't wait to embark on.

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"The Magic (The Love We Share)"


  1. 1. Fog Mountain
  2. 2. The Magic (The Love We Share)
  3. 3. James Bond Theme
  4. 4. Walking Towards The Fire
  5. 5. Jigrock Reel
  6. 6. Dangerfield
  7. 7. I'm Waiting To Hear You Call Me Darlin'
  8. 8. Hungarian Dance No.5
  9. 9. Le Tension
  10. 10. I Wish
  11. 11. Vile City
  12. 12. Verchual Medley - Independence Virginia / Bumblebee In A Jug
  13. 13. Theme From Pirates Of The Caribbean