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Born Ruffians
Uncle, Duke & The Chief

Born Ruffians - Uncle, Duke & The Chief

Produced by Richard Swift, Uncle, Duke & The Chief is a record less concerned with what sounds hip than what feels good. In the Ruffians' case that meant shedding some of their more arty influences and reconnecting with the sounds they first heard on their parents' turntables as kids: Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, and pre-psychedelic Beatles. "It's about going back to the deepest, most satisfying itch to scratch," says lead singer Luke Lalonde. And in doing so, the album takes you back to a time when the Ruffians sounded less like a band and more like a gang.

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"Miss You"


  1. 1. Forget Me
  2. 2. Miss You
  3. 3. Side Tracked
  4. 4. Fade To Black
  5. 5. Love Too Soon
  6. 6. Spread So Thin
  7. 7. Tricky
  8. 8. Ring That Bell
  9. 9. Working Together

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