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Broken Silence

Bonz - Broken Silence

Lead vocalist Bonz was the original frontman of Stuck Mojo who trail blazed the rap-rock genre by melding their heavy metal-bred Southern heritage with a blend of metal, rock, and hip-hop. When Stuck Mojo’s first release, “Snappin’ Necks,” appeared in the mid-90′s they were something of a phenomenon to some and a question mark to others. Stuck Mojo went on to sell over 200,000 albums in the USA in their career and paved the way for many acts of the nu-metal genre. Bonz picks up right where Stuck Mojo left off with this roots driven slab of southern fried groove rock with the stunning new album Broken Silence.

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"Sinister Grin"


  1. 1. Sinister Grin
  2. 2. Comes Over Me
  3. 3. Goodshine
  4. 4. Broken Silence
  5. 5. 30 Seconds To Swat (Featuring J-Sin)
  6. 6. Take It Personal
  7. 7. Sour Diesel
  8. 8. Bad News
  9. 9. Bad Love
  10. 10. Take It Personal (Live)