New Releases For October 14, 2014

Bob Seger
Ride Out

Bob Seger - Ride Out

His 17th studio album, Ride Out, finds Bob Seger holding true to his legendary sound, effortlessly marrying blues, country, and heartland soul into his trademark brand of Motor City rock 'n roll. Bob offers a collection of new songs that are a powerful and personal addition to the Grammy Award-winning rocker's extraordinary catalog, rich with character and passion, and the great American songwriter's always compelling take on the world around him.



  1. 1. Detroit Made
  2. 2. Hey Gypsy
  3. 3. The Devil's Right Hand
  4. 4. Ride Out
  5. 5. Adam And Eve
  6. 6. California Stars
  7. 7. It's Your World
  8. 8. All Of the Roads
  9. 9. You Take Me In
  10. 10. Gates Of Eden

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