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Bob James & Keiko Matsui
Altair & Vega

Bob James & Keiko Matsui - Altair & Vega

When two of the most accomplished, popular, and original piano voices in contemporary jazz unite, one can expect something special. But the meeting of Bob James and Keiko Matsui has brought forth the unexpected as well: a seamless lyrical blend of jazz and classical elements that traverses an exquisite range of moods.

As a bonus, this package also contains a full concert DVD of a brilliant live performance that Bob and Keiko gave at the famed Manchester Craftsmen Guild Hall in February of 2010. Altair & Vega is about rhapsodic melodies, inspiring performances, and the unqualified joy of two music masters in full flight.

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"Invisible Wing"


  1. 1. Altair & Vega
  2. 2. Frozen Lake
  3. 3. Divertimento
  4. 4. Midnight Stone
  5. 5. Invisible Wing
  6. 6. Forever Variations
  7. 7. Bach Chorale