New Releases For August 27, 2013

Dreaming Into Being

Bluetech - Dreaming Into Being

The liminal states between waking and dreaming are often where we access our greatest insights and creative gifts. Dreaming Into Being is a tribute to this mysterious domain. Inspired in part by Bluetech's work with Stanford-based lucid dreaming expert Dr. Stephen LaBerge, these compositions invite us on a perception-expanding journey to 'the worlds behind the world.'

Evocative, hypnotic soundscapes with embedded pulses and ambient drones make this record a great choice for lucid dreaming practice, yoga, meditation, bodywork, or simply relaxed listening.

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  1. 1. Falling In
  2. 2. Boundless
  3. 3. Oxygen Raft
  4. 4. Lost & Found
  5. 5. Depth Charge
  6. 6. Slowly Rising
  7. 7. Dawn Like A Prism