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Bluegrass Champs
Live from The Don Owens Show

Bluegrass Champs - Live from The Don Owens Show

This recording is as much about rockabilly, ‘50s country and blues as it is about bluegrass - more a hybrid by a young, but seasoned, combo in changing musical times. The Bluegrass Champs held their own or even bested other Washington D.C. talents like Roy Clark, Patsy Cline, Link Wray and Charlie Daniels. This album spotlights the Bluegrass Champs and their performances on The Don Owens Show. Recorded by Leon Kagarise directly from an episode of the TV Broadcast, this record also showcases the jamboree nature of the program, including live commercial reads and commentary by Don Owens himself.

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"Goin’ Crazy"


  1. 1. Little Cabin Home On The Hill
  2. 2. Don Owens Commentary
  3. 3. Singing Waterfall
  4. 4. I Ain’t Gettin’ Nowhere With You
  5. 5. Goin’ Crazy
  6. 6. Tequila
  7. 7. Put My Little Shoes Away
  8. 8. Dark Hollow
  9. 9. Rock-A-Bye Boogie
  10. 10. Steel Guitar Chimes
  11. 11. Don Owens Commentary
  12. 12. The Prisoner Song
  13. 13. Are You Teasing Me?
  14. 14. Pretend
  15. 15. Dear Old Dixie
  16. 16. I Can’t Stop Loving You
  17. 17. Scotland
  18. 18. I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You)
  19. 19. Don Owens Commentary
  20. 20. I’ll Be True While You’re Gone
  21. 21. No Help Wanted (Bill Carlisle)