New Releases For May 31, 2011

Blue Stone
Pandora's Box

Blue Stone - Pandora's Box

Robert Smith and Bill Walters have taken Blue Stone from a bedroom studio experiment in 2005, to a full-fledged worldwide musical fantasyland. Their use of video and multi-media for promotion has kept them in front of the faces of the thousands who follow them on Facebook and Twitter etc. every day. Trailers, behind the scenes EPK's, and interview sequences keep fans engaged and personally connected. Neurodisc has a way of attracting the types of acts that push the genre tags into territories maybe not previously explored, making Blue Stone an enigma of sorts. Some consider Blue Stone the answer to Enigma (the act).

Pandora's Box is Blue Stone's first completely instrumental outing, and was approached more as a soundtrack or score than a proper 'electronic/pop' album. Influences are clear on this outing - Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, William Orbit, Tangerine Dream and Jan Hammer all show up in sonic micro-blasts that remind you of their genius. Pandora's Box opens a world of sound for lovers of ethno-electronic, dream pop, and instrumental music.

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"Darkened Rooms"


  1. 1. Innocence
  2. 2. Mischief
  3. 3. Seduction
  4. 4. Epimethius
  5. 5. Curiosity
  6. 6. Darkened Rooms
  7. 7. Who Are You
  8. 8. The Journey
  9. 9. Stolen Light
  10. 10. Shattered
  11. 11. Hope