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Blue Highway
The Game

Blue Highway - The Game

Blue Highway is an expert band of songwriters, players, and unforgettable vocalists, growing from strength to strength. In the here-today, gone-tomorrow world of contemporary bluegrass pairings, Blue Highway is a creative partnership of 20-years duration, with all of its original musicians, and with songs that just keep on coming. The years have brought many plaudits including Grammy nominations and well over a dozen IBMA awards.

Blue Highway continues to build on its exciting foundation, with The Game quite possibly its finest album to date. For a band with this much history and creative output, that is saying a lot.

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"The Game"


  1. 1. The Game
  2. 2. Remind Me Of You
  3. 3. Dogtown
  4. 4. All The Things You Do
  5. 5. A Change Of Faith In Tennessee
  6. 6. Talk Is Cheap
  7. 7. Church Bell Wedding Blues
  8. 8. Where Jasmine Grows
  9. 9. My Last Day In The Mine
  10. 10. Just To Have A Job
  11. 11. Funny Farm
  12. 12. Hicks's Farewell

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