New Releases For June 8, 2010

Blitzen Trapper
Destroyer Of The Void

Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer Of The Void

Over the course of their four full-length albums to date, including their revelatory 2008 Sub Pop release Furr, Portland, OR's Blitzen Trapper have gained a growing international audience. The band's continuing exploration of American music has earned them notice ranging from Rolling Stone magazine to late-night network television to Yo Gabba Gabba. Destroyer of the Void takes Blitzen Trapper further than ever before, building on the band's seamless marriage of the familiar and the fantastic.

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"Dragon's Song"


  1. 1. Destroyer of the Void
  2. 2. Laughing Lover
  3. 3. Below The Hurricane
  4. 4. The Man Who Would Speak True
  5. 5. Love and Hate
  6. 6. Heaven and Earth
  7. 7. Dragon's Song
  8. 8. The Tree (feat. Alela Diane)
  9. 9. Evening Star
  10. 10. Lover Leave Me Drowning
  11. 11. The Tailor
  12. 12. Sadie

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