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Blaqk Audio
Bright Black Heaven

Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven

The transition between Blaqk Audio's freshman debut, CexCells, and their recent offering, Bright Black Heaven, has elicited well-deserved buzz among the tastemakers of the industrial underground. Never reluctant to illuminate their artistic impulses, Puget and Havok provide context for this evolution. 'Thematically, Bright Black Heaven is an expansion of CexCells' hedonistic agenda,' notes Havok, his tongue implanted partially in-cheek. 'As a producer, I'm constantly evolving as my skill set changes. So there are some marked changes from CexCells on this album,' Puget continues. 'But many of the nuances of Davey and I writing electronic music together will sound familiar.'

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"Faith Healer"


  1. 1. Cold War
  2. 2. Fade To White
  3. 3. Faith Healer
  4. 4. Deconstructing Gods
  5. 5. Everybody's Friends
  6. 6. Let's Be Honest
  7. 7. With Your Arms Around You
  8. 8. Bliss
  9. 9. Bon Voyeurs
  10. 10. The Witness
  11. 11. Say Red
  12. 12. Ill-lit Ships