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Blake Hazard
Possibilities At Sea

Blake Hazard - Possibilities At Sea

Recorded with Thom Monahan (Devendra Banhart, Wild Nothing), Possibilities At Sea is the follow up to Blake's solo debut The Eleanor Islands, and features Neal Casal, Death Cab For Cutie's Dave Depper, and more. Blake's musical career began while she was in her teens by playing in New York City subways. She eventually graduated to playing smaller clubs and then made her way to Boston to study at Harvard University. There she continued to play live, and eventually met John Dragonetti (Jack Drag). The duo moved to Los Angeles and broke up in 2005. After hearing the songs that each had written about their parting, they reunited to form The Submarines.

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"This Heart"


  1. 1. How To Love Halfway
  2. 2. San Pedro
  3. 3. Before The Ice
  4. 4. Oh Anatolia
  5. 5. On The Outside Now
  6. 6. This Heart
  7. 7. Fire In The Wild
  8. 8. Living It Up
  9. 9. Some Quiet No Scene Town
  10. 10. Loneliness Collective
  11. 11. Safety Circle