New Releases For February 12, 2016

Black Wizard
New Waste

Black Wizard - New Waste

Black Wizard has released their brand new record New Waste and will be touring the US and Europe again in the next six months. The line-up consists of Adam Grant, Eugene Parkomenko, Evan Joel and Danny Stokes.

“The only band in town that will add inches to your dick!!” – Gord (BeatRoute Magazine).

British Columbia's riff-masters are back across the pond with a new killer record which with its maelstromic mixture of heavy rock riffage, punk snarl attitude, and Sabbath-like attention to detail, comes across as a heshers record collection melted together into one crushing slab of volcanic rock and roll.

For Fans Of: Mastodon, Saviours, Baroness, Thin Lizzy, early Iron Maiden.

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  1. 1. Revival
  2. 2. Harsh Time
  3. 3. Laughing And Lost
  4. 4. Vivian Girls
  5. 5. Eliminator
  6. 6. Unnecessary Evil
  7. 7. Waiting For
  8. 8. The Priest
  9. 9. Final Ripper