New Releases For May 24, 2011

Black Tusk
Passage Through Purgatory

Black Tusk - Passage Through Purgatory

Black Tusk's debut album Passage Through Purgatory is a primal, high-energy affair of equal parts rock and punk; one that put them on the map as a band to watch. Now remastered, repackaged, and featuring two bonus tracks.

'Meet Mastodon's backwater brethren. This power trio - the rising star of Savannah's metal underground - mix heavy metal and hardcore sounds into a frightening blast of hellfire' -

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"Fixed In The Ice"


  1. 1. Witch's Spell
  2. 2. Fixed In The Ice
  3. 3. Mind Moves Something
  4. 4. Interlude
  5. 5. End Of Days
  6. 6. Prophecy One By One
  7. 7. Falling Down
  8. 8. Breaking the Backs Of Men
  9. 9. Call Of The Sewer Rat
  10. 10. Beneath
  11. 11. Fatal Kiss

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