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Black Label Society
Order Of The Black

Black Label Society - Order Of The Black

In the two decades since Ozzy Osbourne hired him away from his job at a New Jersey gas station to become his new guitarist, Zakk Wylde has established himself as a guitar icon known and revered the world over. Writing and recording with Osbourne led to multi platinum success inspiring him to create the Black Label Society in 1998. Order of The Black is an inspired album of uncompromising, unfiltered and unrestrained rock n roll!

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Parade of the Dead"


  1. 1. Crazy Horse
  2. 2. Overlord
  3. 3. Parade of the Dead
  4. 4. Darkest Days
  5. 5. Black Sunday
  6. 6. Southern Dissolution
  7. 7. Time waits for no One
  8. 8. Godspeed Hellbound
  9. 9. War of Heaven
  10. 10. Shallow Grave
  11. 11. Chupacabra
  12. 12. Riders of the Damned
  13. 13. January

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 10
    Berlin, Germany Black Label Society at Astra Kulturhaus
  • Dec 01
    Athens, GA, US Black Label Society with Obituary and Lord Dying at Georgia Theatre
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