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Black Francis

Black Francis - Nonstoperotik

Having dabbled in various styles over his two-decade-plus career, singer-songwriter Charles Thompson (aka Frank Black, Black Francis) tells his creative approach -- as heard on his new Black Francis CD NonStopErotik remains the same. That is, there isn't one. 'I have to say I'm pretty limited in the whole artistic vision department,' Thompson says. 'I basically set out to make a record and at times in the beginning of the process I don't even have the songs. It's just kind of a big burst of energy.'


  1. Lake of Sin
  2. O My Tidy Sum
  3. Rabbits
  4. Wheels
  5. Dead Man's Curve
  6. Corrina
  7. Six Legged Man
  8. Wild Son
  9. When I Go Down On You
  10. Nonstoperotiik