New Releases For September 14, 2018

Black Belt Eagle Scout
Mother Of My Children

Black Belt Eagle Scout - Mother Of My Children

“Having this identity - radical indigenous queer feminist - keeps me going. My music and my identity come from the same foundation of being a Native woman.” Katherine Paul (aka KP) is Black Belt Eagle Scout, and Mother Of My Children is her debut album. Paul reflects, “I wrote this album after my mentor, Geneviève Castrée, had just died and the relationship with the first woman I loved had drastically lessened and changed.” Heavy and heartbroken, Paul found respite in the creation of these songs that “are about grief, but also about being a native person in what is the United States today.”

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"Soft Stud"


  1. 1. Soft Stud
  2. 2. Indians Never Die
  3. 3. Keyboard
  4. 4. Mother Of My Children
  5. 5. Yard
  6. 6. I Don’t Have You In My Life
  7. 7. Just Lie Down
  8. 8. Sam, A Dream

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