New Releases For March 4, 2014

Birth Of Joy

Birth Of Joy - Prisoner

After 97 shows all over Europe and North America in 2013, Birth Of Joy have already proven to be a true live rock sensation. Besides creating catchy psychedelic 60/70s-hooks spiced up with stoner, blues and rock & roll influences, this threesome is also master in invoking a primal emotion that lays hidden in many of us. The kind of emotion that craves to burst out when you experience something true, something real. Well, these guys are it, they are the real deal: sex, drugs and rock & roll. Blood, sweat and... ah, mostly alcohol.

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"Keep Your Eyes Shut"


  1. 1. The Sound
  2. 2. How it Goes
  3. 3. Keep Your Eyes Shut
  4. 4. Three Day Road
  5. 5. Grow
  6. 6. Rock & Roll Show
  7. 7. Longtime Boogie
  8. 8. Mad Men
  9. 9. Holding On
  10. 10. Prisoner
  11. 11. Clean Cut