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Billy Thermal
Billy Thermal

Billy Thermal - Billy Thermal

Unreleased 1980 album from ace songwriter with 5 #1 singles.

Before Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, the Bangles, Pretenders, and Heart had mega-hits with his songs, Billy Steinberg was the leader of California's Billy Thermal.

Steinberg's ability brought him to the attention of producer Richard Perry, who signed Steinberg's band, Billy Thermal, to his Planet Records. An album was recorded, but never released. Until now.

Billy Thermal contains the original versions of songs later made famous by superstars like Linda Ronstadt ('How Do I Make You'), Pat Benatar ('Precious Time') and Rick Nelson ('Don't Look At Me').

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"How Do I Make You"


  1. 1. I Tell You My Dream
  2. 2. How Do I Make You
  3. 3. Control
  4. 4. The Price I Pay
  5. 5. Precious Time
  6. 6. I'm Your Baby
  7. 7. They Didn't See It
  8. 8. I Need You
  9. 9. I'm Gonna Follow You
  10. 10. Julie
  11. 11. Mirror Man